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We open every day from 9:45h am to 1:30h at night. Book a table in [email protected]
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About us

With Lasal del Varador (2007), we wanted to create a project which enables people to enjoy the sea all year round, a place where you could enjoy well-cooked dishes, simple but quality cuisine, without sauces or artificial concentrates. Dishes that let you taste the ingredients and that can be digested easily.

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In short, we wanted to create a place that we would have like to have enjoyed as well. A comfortable place with good, healthy food and personal, honest service. We strove to achieve these goals with the utmost possible respect for the environment. In other words, enjoying what nature has to offer us, while respecting it as much as we could.

We wanted to offer people a space where they could enjoy life’s little pleasures: the blue sky, the smell of the sea, a cold beer, a good rice dish, a strong coffee, a well-mixed gin and tonic, and a good laugh in great company.

From a great sandwich for breakfast to the most elaborate dish on the menu, we strive to use the best ingredients and make them with the care and passion they deserve. We love sharing our project with you and all of the aspects we have focused on and improved!

The path we have taken has not been easy, filled with trials and requiring great patience. We have had to take the initiative, research, invest and borrow money from banks, family and friends (THANK YOU ALL!!!) to be able to offer you the best version of Lasal del Varador that could possibly exist. We have had to put things right that we got wrong, rethink ways of doing things, redesigning time and again. Challenges and constant improvement are what makes us happy!!!

It hasn’t been easy but, in the end, we feel that we have achieved something very close to the project we dreamt of.