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We open every day from 9:45h am to 1:30h at night. Book a table in [email protected]
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Organic ingredients of the highest quality

The key to our culinary creations is the combination of ingredients that are organically produced and of the highest quality. The term organic or ecological ingredients refers to foods that are produced without chemicals or pesticides, using only biological resources and treatment products that are allowed under the regulations of the Catalan Board of Organic Agricultural Production (CCPAE, by its Catalan acronym). All this enables us to get the maximum flavour and aroma out of the ingredients, cooked using simple, light techniques, which makes digestion significantly easier.

                   From mid-September until early June, we offer a set Menu of the Day for €17.

                                          ( starter+ main course+ drink+ dessert or coffe)

                       And if you are one of our customer cardholders, it will cost you just 16€.

  Group menu available