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Organic products

At Lasal del Varador, we are committed to using organic produce of the highest quality. From 2013 onwards, we  work using seasonal ingredients. Furthermore, whenever possible, we prioritize buying from local producers.

The organic ingredients that we use include the following: flour, wholemeal flour, breadcrumbs, bread, eggs, olive and sunflower oil, Bruneta beef, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh pasta, spaghetti, sesame, soya sauce, tofu, seaweed, ketchup, mustard, pulses, between 70% and 90% of all vegetables, depending on the season, raisins, walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts, coffee, cacao, milk, yoghurts, soya milk, sugar, agave, quince, Yogi Tea infusions, Cal Valls fruit juices and Bodevici ice cream. We make our own mayonnaise and aioli using organic soya milk and oil.

The term organic farming refers to agriculture that respects nature’s cycles and generates the minimum environmental impact possible, without using insecticides, herbicides or synthetic chemical fertilizers. This prevents the introduction of toxic residues into the ingredients or the water system, thereby ensuring good health and improving the environment. The treatments used to prevent pests are biological control measures only. In other words, these methods involve using the pests’ own predators and the use of natural, mineral preparations and organic natural fertilizers, all of which are approved by the regulatory body that certifies that they are not harmful.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that the nutritional quality and taste value of organic food is superior. To a large extent, this is due to the fact that organic produce is harvested without forcing or intensifying its production, enabling the ingredients to grow at their own pace in fertile earth that is full of life, giving the crop a higher percentage of vitamins, minerals, taste, sweetness and so on.

How is a product certified as organic?

The organization that certifies organic foods produced in Catalonia is the Catalan Board of Organic Agricultural Production (CCPAE, by its Catalan acronym, This certification verifies that the food has been produced in accordance with common European regulations that govern organic production, with producers or the manufacturing company being subjected to a series of controls. Across Europe and throughout the world, there are public and private certification bodies which perform the same duties.

To find out whether a product is organic, check whether it has one of the following certification stamps:

Find out more at:

To find out whether a producer is organic, consult the Directory of Organic Producers:


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