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We open every day from 9:45h am to 1:30h at night. Book a table in [email protected]
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People's opinions

Opinion 23/04/2013 We found it by accident and were pleasantly surprised. The terrace facing the sea attracted us … cool place with people. And we decided to make a snack and some typical potatoes with garlic (patatas al ajillo). When we tasted the potatoes we realized that we were more than a beach bar. We decided to stay and eat, all was gorgeus…Excellent rice whit fish, a very tasty  salad  and the chocolate coulant…orgasmatic oh yeah! All was made carefully and made with organic products. The price was quite right 23€  facing the sea and quality, a very sympa waitress…amazing ! Sometimes we think only in Barcelona city can exist  innovative restaurants. We were happy to be wrong. Lasal is a safe bet. Boys and girls you are lucky living in Mataró!.

Opinion 7/05/2013 Lasal is a restaurant facing the beach, you get the feeling you are floating in the sky as it has a great horizon and this input gives you peace. As it was raining outside … get inside and what a pleasure to see the rain through the glass walls! We ordered a hot tapas: mediterranean calamar and cod croquettes. After a vegetables cream and my office mate, a salad,that looked very nice.Then a very tasty risotto (was inside the menu). As a dessert I chose a carrot cake with nuts highly recommended! My partner chose a authentically yoghurt made with organic milk. Amounts were great… so if you are a big eater not ask for extras, because the menu is enough. They have wi-fi, so we used for a small workshop. I will come back on weekend with friends to taste tapas and cocktails and I will tell you ..😉

Opinion 03/09/2012 ““Extremely nice place and great food. I went with my partner for his birthday and, the fact is, it was all really lovely, right next to the sea with fantastic views. The food was also great. We had an excellent dinner and we’ll go back for sure. The views and the service, everything was just great.”

Opinion 25/06/2012 “Great value for money. High quality food and a really pleasant terrace. Very good for the price. Great ingredients.”

Opinion  30/05/2011 ““A good choice. I searched online for somewhere to eat on the seafront in Mataró with my family who are quite elderly. Lasal del Varador was a fantastic find, near the station for anyone travelling by train, right next to the beach, with great views. Really nice facilities, excellent service, very good cuisine and a really reasonable price. All in all, I recommend you try it out. You’re sure to like it. Book ahead as they will soon be queuing to get in…


Opinion on 13/08/2008 “It was really good!! Efficient, attentive, friendly staff. The food was pretty good, but I would recommend ordering tapas, the portions are large and original. I’d really recommend it. Very good value for money.”


17th august 2012

“The perfect blend: good food, relaxed atmosphere, reasonable price”

“We had an extremely pleasant lunch with tasty salads and great rice dishes/paellas. The service was fast and friendly. Lovely terrace with excellent shade. Pleasant background music but not too loud. Overall, I found it to be the perfect blend: good food, relaxed atmosphere and reasonable price. I’ll be back for sure.


18th june 2012

“Good market cuisine and great rice!!!”

“The very pleasant atmosphere of a cool beach bar with very lovingly prepared food. The service was young, friendly and professional, especially the lovely Jimena, she’s a star.”


13th april 2011

“Lasal del Varador, Mediterranean market cuisine on the beach in Mataró.”

“This restaurant on Mataró’s seafront, with spectacular, exceptional views, lovingly produces extremely tasty Mediterranean market cuisine, that is simply excellent value for money. In addition, they also put on concerts of Jazz, Bossanova, Funk etc. on Sundays in the middle of the day and Saturday nights (in the summer). What more could you ask for? A really, really special place.”

“S’ha convertit en un espai de referència per a l’amant del bon menjar, però també per a qui va una mica més enllà.”


A healthy and tasty option. Lasal’s way of cooking is in balance with the body, promoting easy, light digestion’.
Revista Cuina, num. 109, 2010


Exquisite arroz caldoso (rice in stock) next to the sea. This is not your average beach bar. It is a quality restaurant with fresh local ingredients and a commitment to fairer trade, Furthermore, they manage to make it an exceptional venue.

In the morning, it opens to serve you your first coffee of the day, as you sit and watch the beach stirring into life just in front of you. At lunchtime, it fills up with diners and, at night, you can enjoy a gin and tonic or mojito at the bar.

And, as if that weren’t enough, they often have concerts with DJs, musicians, acrobats, etc.

An unmissable place for breakfast, lunch, an afternoon coffee or a night-time drink.

Sergio Fernandez


“Lasal del Varador’ project is pioneering in Spain”,
Luis Jiménez Gutiérrez, director general de Conergy España Revista.


Good music, healthy food with organic ingredients, these are the bases on which they have built Lasal del Varador.
Revista Cuina, num. 109, 2010


An organic restaurant right on the seafront. I love eating by the sea. For me, it’s one of life’s greatest pleasures and biggest luxuries. If, on top of this, you add organic, sustainable cuisine, which is committed to preserving the ingredients’ own flavours and avoid over-elaborating, you have a first class meal.
Txema León


““Lasal del Varador: committed to energy efficiency, generating renewable electricity and the highest quality ingredients.”


A designer restaurant by the sea that is sustainable and offers delicious dishes. What more could you want?

I recommend the black rice and the hamburgers

Remember that all their cuisine uses organic ingredients, so not only does the food taste great, it’s good for you too.

The atmosphere is fantastic, the music fits perfectly and the location is unbeatable.

Zai Aragón

With a modern, relaxed vibe, it blends perfectly into its surroundings, as it is a sustainable project in which bioclimatic architecture enables them to respect the environment and reduce costs.


An innovative beach bar, built respectfully as a permanent fixture in accordance with the criteria of bioclimatic architecture, and which is committed to fresh, natural cuisine, with a particular emphasis on biological ingredients and, of course, great music.Clubbingspain.


Remember that Mataró is a city with close links to the sea, with 2.2 km of beaches and all manner of services and restaurants. One of the best, Lasal del Varador, Mediterranean cuisine with organic ingredients. Set menu – 15 euros, except in summer.
Revista De viaje. Junio 2013