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Renewable energies and energy efficiency

Measures taken to promote the efficient use of energy

1. Low consumption LED bulbs and automatic activation devices.

2.  Thermal solar panels that heat the water required for our day to day operations, supplying hot water for the dishwasher, thereby reducing the energy consumption of the electrical resistors. In winter, the panels also heat the water that circulates through the radiant floor heating system.

3. Installation of a Current Cost control motor for electrical consumption, known as an ENVI.

4. Installation of 36  Conergy solar panels with a total power of 8.6 kW, which enables us to generate 25% of the electricity that we use. This means a saving on bills of over 30%. This has been a pioneering project in Europe, being the first solar panel installation connected to the mains network without public funding or grants. Our project proves that it is more economical to generate our own electricity than buy it from the mains network. The project has been possible thanks to the support of the company


With the planned generation of around 12,500 kWh per year, we will make back our initial investment in 7.5 years, from which point onwards, every other watt generated will be pure saving. This project has won a European Intersolar Award in the Solar Energy category 2013, as well as the Eurosolar Award 2013.

We purchase our mains electricity from SOM ENERGIA, a renewable energy production and consumption cooperative.