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Waste reduction and efficient management

 Our objective is to generate the minimum possible amount of waste, taking the manufacturing process into account. In order to reduce its environmental impact to a minimum, we prioritize buying products with minimal wrapping and recyclable or returnable packaging.

To achieve these goals, we have worked closely with our suppliers to ensure that we:

● Buy products with minimal packaging.

● Buy local produce, particularly vegetables and fish.

● Buy products with recyclable packaging or buying in bulk.

● Produce the products ourselves, thereby avoiding the pollution associated with transportation.

At Lasal del Varador, we recycle the following types of waste:

● Organic waste

● Glass bottles

● Cardboard

● Cans, packaging and plastics

● Cafe grounds

● Corks

● PET corks

We currently produce our own yoghurt using organic milk, thereby saving hundreds of packaging products over the course of the year, as well as the pollution associated with transporting them to our restaurant.

In order to reduce transport, we buy from local producers or the nearest possible suppliers. We have achived  the County Council Regional Produce Certification (Xarxa de Productes de la Terra). This stamp certifies that a large proportion of our ingredients and supplies come from within our county.