Lasal del Varador was envisioned as an integrated sustainable project. It is founded on six pillars: bioclimatic architecture; renewable energies and energy efficiency; sustainable mobility; organic and local cuisine; recycling and waste reduction; and a sustainable use of water. We believe that, with a more efficient use of resources, it is possible to operate in a more environmentally-friendly and cost efficient way.


Lasal del Varador has been built in line with the principles of bioclimatic architecture. This type of architecture allows us to make the most of natural resources like the sun and the air to heat, cool and ventilate spaces without needing to use anything other than renewable energies.

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One of the pillars of our project is our own generation of green energy and our firm commitment to energy efficiency. Thanks to our photovoltaic roof and to investments in community projects for the production of renewable energies, we produce the equivalent of 100% of our energy. With our efficiency measures we have reduced our electric energy consumption by 42% since 2012.

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Since 2017 we have been offering our clients the option to exchange our loyalty card points for hours of use of electric vehicles at no additional cost. Lasal del Varador has partnered with the sustainable mobility cooperative Som Mobilitat so that those of our customers who need to use a vehicle can use an electric one.



Our commitment to organic, local and environmentally-friendly cuisine is one of Lasal’s leitmotifs. We work with local producers and attribute great value to the abundance and quality of produce from our region’s sea, vegetable farms and vineyards. We partake in several initiatives to promote local and sustainable consumption, including Peix de Custòdia (Safeguarded Fish) or Xarxa Productes de la Terra (Land Produce Network).

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The generation of residual waste is one of the biggest environmental problems we currently face. In order to reduce the impact of our activity, we try not to generate any unnecessary waste and apply a strict recycling policy to the waste we are, at present, unable to avoid.

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Without a rational use of water we cannot be sustainable. We have tackled this problem from various angles, focussing on raising our workers’ and clients’ awareness as a first step. As a project, we have adopted several consumption efficiency measures and we have opted for the organic filtering of our water supply in order to reduce its packaging, waste and transportation.

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With Lasal del Varador we wanted to create a project that would allow us to enjoy the sea all year round. A place to savour well-cooked, simple yet high quality dishes –without sauces or artificial concentrates–, that maintain the nutritional value of their ingredients and facilitate digestion.

Life’s little pleasures_ We wanted to build this place where we would already have been coming every day if it had existed: a comfortable place, with healthy dishes and frank, honest service. A space where you can enjoy life’s little pleasures: blue skies, the salty smell of the sea, an earthy wine, a good seafood rice dish, homemade desserts, a well-served drink and laughter in good company. We wanted to do all of this while respecting the environment and our surroundings, savouring the fruits of nature with respect for nature. One day we imagined_ The journey has not been easy, not without trials and tribulations. We have had to work hard, research, invest, correct ourselves when we have made mistakes, question ourselves when we have doubted and get back on course when we have lost our way. The challenges have made us better and we are proud of that. Today, at long last, we can offer the version of Lasal that we imagined that day.

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