Lasal del Varador is built in line with the principles of bioclimatic architecture. This way, we reduce and optimize the quantity of energy necessary for our project. Making a more efficient use of resources, we can attain a more environmentally-friendly activity and significant cost reductions.


The building has natural cross-ventilation between its two facades. This facilitates an efficient circulation of air. Its south-east orientation makes the most of solar energy in winter. The mobile overhangs offer shade in summer.


In summer, we avoid the use of air conditioning thanks to the double ceiling with a ventilated chamber that grants our indoor space cooler temperatures. We have double glazing and aluminium carpentry with a thermal bridge break that ensure good thermal insulation.
The toilets have a double-press system of 6 or 9 litres per flush.

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When building Lasal, we have looked for the best ratio of ecology and durability. Our choice has been the most sustainable even though not all of the materials are organic. This is because we have chosen to seek the maximum possible life span of our materials, with the understanding that they are exposed to a high air salinity. The outdoor plants act as a thermal regulating element: in the summer they stall lateral solar radiation and refresh and oxygenate the atmosphere.

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