With the installation of the photovoltaic roof and a firm commitment to efficiency, we have reduced the energy cost from 0.37€ per diner in 2012 to 0.12€ per diner in 2016. With the energy that we generate and our investment in community projects of renewable energy production, we produce the equivalent of 100% of our energy.

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In 2012 we began to make the transition towards renewable energies with the aim of generating all of the energy needed for our activities ourselves. We became the state’s first solar energy self-consumption facility without premiums or subsidies. We have been recognized with the Intersolar Award for the best European solar energy project in 2012 and the Eurosolar prize in 2013.

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We currently have 77 solar panels providing 50% of the energy consumed throughout the year, with a total power of 21.17 kWp. To produce the remaining 50%, we have invested in two collective projects of renewable energy generation: Som Energia’s photovoltaic facility (Generation kWh), where we produce 11.500 kWh/year, and the project «Viure de l’aire del cel» (Living from the air of the sky), the first collective wind turbine to be built in Catalonia, with which we will produce the equivalent of more than 7,000 kWh/year.

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Lasal del Varador has made a firm commitment to the enhancement of the energy efficiency of our space and to the reduction of energy consumption to an absolute minimum. The measures which we have applied include LED lighting, the most energy efficient electrical appliances, the installation of a system of thermal solar panels for hot water and the installation of under-floor heating, amongst others.

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