Water is indispensable for life, the environment and people. It is a scarce and fragile resource that should be safeguarded. Our effort focusses on making more efficient use of water, reducing its consumption to minimize the impact our activity has on the environment.


Optimizing water consumption is one of our goals on our journey towards sustainability. We focus our efforts on making rational and efficient use of it. We have managed to reduce water consumption through the use of the most efficient electrical appliances, incorporating conservation systems into the taps or adding a double-press system to the toilet flushes.

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Since 2017 we offer our clients filtered water free of charge. We work with the company Natura to achieve exceptionally pure water through nanofiltration and electroadhesion methods of organic filtering. The filtering process allows us to offer pure water whilst at the same time significantly reducing CO2 and waste generation. Bottled water generates 600 times more CO2 than the water supply. This water does not have to be transported or packaged. We serve it in reusable glass bottles so that we can minimize waste and packaging.

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